Founded in 2009 from the cosy tables of Picobella restaurant, e-tuktuk still hold its roots in the heart of Melville. e-tukuk was founded after recognising the need for a safe and reliable transport service for the multitude of students in the area. However, e-tuktuk has grown into a loved and trusted method of transport for students, residents, business people and tourists alike.

Although the e-tuktuk offices are based in Melville, the taxi service is available way beyond that. Since 2015, e-tuktuk also offers various services in Pretoria through a partnership with CommutaX. For more information, see our frequently asked questions below or get in touch via our Contact Us page.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Where can I find e-tuktuk?

Although the e-tuktuk offices are based in Melville, our taxi service is available way beyond that. The e-tuktuk license zone stretches in a 7km radius from our offices. That means we offer transport services all the way from Linden and Parkhurst in the north, to Mayfair in the south. And we operate all the way from Rosebank and Saxonwold in the east, to Albertville and Newlands in the west.

2. How much does an e-tuktuk trip cost?

The rates for for e-tuktuk trips depend on the distance you travel. Short trips start at R20 per trip and increases according to distance up to R50 per trip for longer trips.

For example:
• Westdene to Brixton = R20
• Melville to Crosby = R30
• Melville to Rosebank = R40
• Linden to Park Lane = R50

3. Which areas do the e-tuktuk taxi service cover?

Areas covered by e-tuktuk’s zone license include:
• Albertskroon
• Albertsville
• Auckland Park
• Braamfontein
• Brixton
• Constitution Hill
• Cresta, Crosby
• East Town
• Emmarentia
• Forest Town
• Greenside,
• Greymont
• Hursthill
• Killarney
• Lindenetuktuk-map2
• Mayfair
• Melville
• Montgomery Park
• Newtown
• Northcliff Corner
• Parktown
• Parktown North
• Parkview
• Parkwood
• Roosevelt Park
• Saxonwold
• Sophiatown
• UJ
• Waterval Estate
• Westbury
• Westdene
• Westcliff
• Wits
• Zoo Lake

• Park Lane

4. What about Sandton or the City Centre?

We do not cover the city centre, by agreement with the Taxi Association, and another licensed tuktuk company is licensed for the Sandton zone.

5. What exactly does “door-to-door service” mean?

With public transport and minibus taxis, you are restricted to certain routes, bus stops and a set timetable. The reliability of these services also depend on strikes, the weather and a multitude of other factors beyond your control.

e-tuktuk offers a more personalised and convenient service where the dependable driver will pick you up wherever it is most convenient for you. Do you need a ride from university, your office or the mall? All you have to do is call our call centre and they will send an e-tuktuk straight to you. No more waiting for the bus in the rain or walking for ages to your nearest taxi rank.

6. Do you operate in Pretoria?

Yes. e-tuktuk has partnered with CommutaX to provide services in Pretoria. Operating in the Lynnwood area, e-tuktuk and CommutaX provide a variety of services that go way beyond a shuttle or taxi service. For more information on the services available, read our what we do page.

7. Can I rent an e-tuktuk for a private function?

Absolutely. e-tuktuk caters for functions of all shapes and sizes. Whether you have three or 300 guests who need to be shuttled to a venue, e-tuktuk has a tailor-made package to suit your needs. You can read more about renting an e- tuktuk on our events page or contact us to make a booking.

8. Can e-tuktuk cater for large events?

Definitely! We have a whole fleet of e-tuktuks waiting to service your every shuttle-service need. Corporate events, charity walks or large-scale fund raising, we have a packaged deal to suit every event.

Costs depend on your specific requirements and packages are tailored to your event needs. To read more about what we offer and all the extras available, check out our events page or contact us for a unique shuttle solution.

9. Are e-tuktuks safe?

Yes. Our drivers are all screened thoroughly to ensure that they are e-tuktuk type of people. They undergo lots of training in order to make sure they are not only excellent drivers, but that delivering excellent customer service with every ride.

e-tuktuks is a regulated service provider, which means that we monitor and regulate the service we provide on an ongoing basis. Our tuk tuks are inspected every morning before the day starts, and again in the evening before we close shop, to ensure that they are operating perfectly and that your e-tuktuk experience is not spoiled by a breakdown.

10. Are all tuk tuks in the service area e-tuktuks?

No. There are various illegal tuk tuks operating in e-tuktuk’s designated area. Be careful of these tuk tuks, as they are not part of a regulated organisation and therefore do not stick to the same code of conduct as the drivers of e-tuktuk.

11. How do I know if a tuk tuk is an e-tuktuk?

All e-tuktuk vehicles are clearly marked with a yellow and black e-tuktuk logo:

etuktukstickerIf you don’t see the logo, then it is not a taxi associated with e-tuktuk. Be careful of illegal tuk tuks, as they are not part of our regulated and registered organisation.

12. What does the e in e-tuktuk stand for?

e-tuktuk operates on a “triple e principal”. This means that we pride ourselves in being:

e-tuktuk taxis are eco-friendly, green, fuel efficient, compact, and promote shared commuting

e-tuktuk operates within a 7km radius with a flat rate per trip

e-tuktuk provides a door to door service that is safe, reliable and accessible for students, residents and visitors alike